Pro Senior Cabinet Upgrade

We've gotten some really great feedback on this upgrade for the Pro-Jr. We've always felt that the biggest limitation to the Pro-Junior was the 1x10 particle board cabinet. The overall tone is ok, but they can sound boxy and small, and for this reason many guitar players write off the Pro-Junior as a non gig-worthy amp. We've developed a lacqured tweed 1x12 cabinet made of finger jointed pine (not partcle board) which really opens up the tone of the Pro-Junior. It sounds so good that we've named the cabinet the Pro-Senior. We weighed our Pro-Junior in it's original particle board 1x10 cabinet at 22 pounds. The same chassis in our Tonedog Pro-Senior cabinet with a Weber Signature 12 Alnico S speaker weighed 20 pounds... Bigger tone and less weight to lug around...

The Tonedog Pro-Senior Cabinet upgrade includes the 1x12 lacquered tweed cabinet. We offer Weber VST speakers and highly recommend the Signature 12 Alnico S model for this amp. We can provide other speakers upon request. See our speaker page for more info. Installation is a snap. All you do is remove the chassis from the original cabinet, and mount it to the new back panel with six of the existing screws, hook up the original speaker wire and put the back panel on the cabinet using the six supplied screws. You can be rocking with improved tone in just a few minutes.
Pro Senior Upgrade Cabinet (without speaker) Out of Stock.
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