Pro Senior Speaker Upgrade

We offer a wide variety of speakers for whatever application you are looking for.
We proudly offer speakers from Weber VST, and Mojo Musical supply (Jensen, etc).
For the Pro Senior we highly recommend the Weber Signature series of speakers.
Weber offers a few speaker variations in the signature series to meet most players needs.

Signature 12 Alinico $66 plus shipping (Early breakup crunch and punch. Early 50's tweed tone. Great sweet spot.
This speaker has early tweed tone and is great for roadhouse blues and rock)

Signature 12 Alnico S $66 plus shipping (Brighter tone, medium breakup, early 60's Fender woody/reedy tone.
This is a great all-around speaker, it's tone is a littel more "refined" than the Signature 12 Alnico)

Signature 12 Ceramic B $75 plus shipping (40oz ceramic magnet, 50 watts, 1-1/2" voice coil, british cone and dustcap. Later breakup, strong low end with lots of punch and dynamics.)
This is a loud full sounding speaker.

Signature 12 Ceramic S $52 plus shipping (Brighter, medium woody/reedy breakup.)

Signature 12 Ceramic $52 plus shipping (Early breakup crunch and punch. Great sweet spot, ballsy.) *** Out of stock. ***

Other Speakers are available, e-mail for more info.

If you order a speaker with your Pro-Senior cabinet we'll install it for free!!

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